CRIS 360

Control Reliable Inspection System (CRIS 360)

Designed for Round, Touching, and Randomly Oriented Products.


Control Reliable Inspection System

The CRIS 360 is a product and package verification system designed to handle the demands of inspecting round, touching, and randomly oriented products. The CRIS utilizes Sensors Integration’s patented fail-to-safe inspection to ensure all flawed products are rejected from a production line. The CRIS uses Datalogic machine vision products along with Allen Bradley/Rockwell PLC and HMI platforms for high-quality and reliable operation. With Datalogic and Allen Bradley/ Rockwell components, the CRIS offers a wide array of accessories, support, and options you have come to expect from industry leaders.

System Features and Options

Package Inspection in 360°

Multiple cameras provide 360° product validation. Packages in any orientation will be correctly identified using barcode or pattern and then validated or rejected by the CRIS 360.

Barcode Verification For 1D & 2D Codes

The CRIS 360 has verification options for UPC, DataMatrix, and other 1D and 2D barcodes at speeds up to 1200 products per minute.

OCR/OCV for Date & Lot Code Verification

The CRIS 360 uses OCR/ OCV to accurately verify date and lot codes. The CRIS 360 will reject any products that don’t precisely meet the parameters set for validation.

Fail-to-Safe Inspection Methodology

The multi-patented design assumes product should be rejected until positively verified to ensure product safety and accuracy. Faults in any part of the line prevent products from continuing past the inspection point.

Pattern Recognition, Logo Integrity Validation

The CRIS 360 can be programmed to recognize logos, colors, patterns, and shapes. Patterns and logos are often used for logo quality inspection to maintain brand integrity.

Patented Multi-Level Security Access Control

Provides varying levels of access control over line changes and inspection approvals. The CRIS 360 time and date stamps who interfaces with the system so you can track who created a change.

Time & Date Stamp Event Recording

For every error, mismatch, employee login, or product change, the CRIS 360 records the time and date of the event. This track and trace methodology allows users to track errors and changes in the system.

Dynamic Speed-Compensated Reject System

Our reject system tracks product pass signals as they pass the inspection point and uses our patented algorithm to accurately reject products even with continuously varying line speeds.

RFID User Key Security Access Levels

Graph for RFID User Key Access Levels